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    Hello Everyone!

    Currently I am working on a new page for WebDivisor which will totaly expand its web hosting packages offered to the public. I am in the process of creating those packages and their specifications. But while I am doing all of that, it helps to get some feedback from people like you to help improvise the whole process....

    Please visit the following url, and any sub pages of the same direcotry it might include. Please help me by providing me with suggestions/feedback, and anything else that is missing that should be added. All/any good/bad feedback are all appreciated...

    Thank You

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    For a first time visitor, the flash took a while to load, I was nearly going to close it down - DSL user.

    Part of the main text reads WebDivisor will make conquering the web more of a chore than a mission. A chore?

    What about something along the lines of WebDivisor will make conquering the web an easy, simple process. I'd drop the semicolons as well.

    I took a look at the SBH-150 package.

    Check your spelling, Weather is not related to hosting, I believe you meant whether.

    The orange text is difficult to read.

    What does the 150 refer to?

    It suggests $7.99 a month after a $25 set-up fee. What does the set-up fee cover?

    Why does it cost an additional $25 a month for personal nameservers?

    Those things should be explained to your visitors.

    Overall, the site looks nice, just check your spelling and grammar.


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    Are the files large or something, It took a little while to load for me aswell - have you tried optimising them ?
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