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    MU* Hosting Reseller

    Not quite sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've searched the forum and haven't found anything remotely similar.

    I'm looking for a reseller package that allows the hosting of MU* (MUD/MUSH/MUCK/etc.) as well as normal sites.

    At least
    1 Shell account and 2 ports per customer
    Hard disk space and bandwith shouldn't be too much of a problem with MU*s.

    Anyone know of any?

    Much appreciated.

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    It'll be a stretch to find a hosting provider that sells reseller hosting accounts with such privileges. I think you'd have much better luck by searching out a VPS.
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    A VPS will be easily overloaded with MU*s

    Unfortunately, in the same respect, you're not going to have too much luck with a reseller account for MU*s , because ssh access is a dying priviledge. You need to KNOW who you're giving access to, and you can't just blindly trust a 'reseller' client.

    Best response? Pick up a cheap dedicated and start your own. Deds can go from $35 to $hundreds .
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