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    * Server for e-mail

    Hi folks,

    I am relatively new to using a webhost, and entirely new to VPS, so please bear with me.

    I would like to put up an e-mail service, which will initially have no more than 50 accounts, and may grow to as many as 200 over a couple years. The accounts will probably not need more than 10MB each, and the traffic will likely be low (but then, I really don't know how to gauge that).

    It looks like I will need a dedicated server to do this. My questions are:

    1. will using a VPS make any difference (as opposed to regular dedicated server space)?
    2. what sort of specs/features should I be looking for (for example, would 128MB RAM be too little)?
    3. what sort of bandwidth should I look for?

    I am working my way through the tutorials, but so far haven't seen my specific issue come up.

    Thanks for any help.


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    There's no problem using a VPS as a mail server but one thing to check with any provider you are considering is that they can set PTR (RDNS) records for the IP addresses your new VPS will use. Some VPS providers advertising around here can't (or wont) set this for you and it will severely impact the usefulness of your server to send email to providers like Google or AOL without it being marked as spam.

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    If you're going to run spamassassin and/or clam anti-virus you'll want more RAM. I found I needed to go to 512MB.

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