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    What Will My Video Site Need?

    Okey guys, I plan on starting a video site for a little community. I think It will start out small.

    After 30 days, I may have: (25 videos) x (200mb each) x (100 views each) = 488GB

    The key is; videos must stream efficiently (or download relatively fast).

    Would I need a dedicated server right off the bat? Or would shared hosting be okey for the initial estimate I provided?

    Lets say I overestimated my estimation of 488GB of bandwidth, and in reality I will get way less upload and downloads (not sure how many). What would be the maximum bandwidth you would suggest for using a shared server?

    I mean if my site sucks and I only get 1 user a day, I wouldn't need a dedi now would I?

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    Sounds like an issue for the OVH-RPS.
    Read through the forums, i think that will be an adequate provider/service.

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    Using an oversell host for videos would be a really bad Idea. I would either start with a good shared host or a VPS. The best thing would be a host that does Shared/VPS/Dedicated, so that you can upgrade very easy.

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    Rps is shared hosting..

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