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    pop3 questions ( help )

    hiya,I got a strange request today.. someone is not happy with their ISP's pop3 mailbox. They would like a 50meg account thru me on the raq.

    Question, how do i go about doing this? Is this considered a hosting plan? Any advice? Any Pro's or Con's to this..

    what is the default email size alloted to each email account?

    Kind of caught me off guard



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    There are limits for the user you would create. I haven't used a RaQ for an email account that large. Are they going to get files that big, or just the amount of stuff they will keep on the server?

    There is a MAX message size in the RaQ3 control panel (not sure about others) so I guess it could work, but I wouldn't want that size emails going through personally

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    ok. Yes there are limits on each user.

    IN this case would I have to give them a subdomain to be able to retrieve the email.

    hrm here is their question:

    work for a company locally, that uses Comcast through a Router to provide internet access and shared email for about 5 people. There are no problems with this and we are happy.

    So what do we want!? -

    1/ We don't want to change the existing e-mail address
    2/ Can you provide a POP3 account with say 50MB which can be forwarded or intercepted from the Comcast email address.

    What we do need is a bigger POP3 Mailbox. Comcast will only provide 5MB which is grossly inadequate.
    ok, but in order for me to accomodate this, will i need to add them to my main site and specify a new user say [email protected] and have their comcast account forward to this new one.. right? lol


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    Yes, you could create an user from your main or any other domain in which you might have. That should do the trick.

    Did you find out why they needed such a huge email account ? Personally, I would be very curious in regards to this. Because by having your domain name as part of their email address would more or less associate them to you. If what they are doing is unlawful, you might get the heat from that too.

    One thing you could do is try to sell them the idea of a domain name. This way, the email address would reflect their choice name. Sort of more professional for them and in some way disassociate them from you and your business.

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