Through our NameService site at Public-Servers.COM we now also offer: Secondary DNS and Fallback MX

Secondary DNS:
From our web-interface you only need to make known the IP and (FQDN)hostname of your primary/master nameserver and make sure your own nameservers sends out notify's to its slaves. Add at least one of our DNS servers to your slaves and you're set to go. As soon as a notify is received, our nameservers will request a zone transfer though an AXFR and the domain is instantly added to our system. Tested and supported are BIND, PowerDNS and TinyDNS.

Fallback MX:
You only need to insert the domain name to our control panel to let our MX service know that it needs to act as a secondary for your domain. Offcourse you will need to add a MX record to your DNS system with a higher MX value as your own primary mailserver. In the event your own server is down, mail would be delivered to our mailsystem wich in turn delivers it back to your own server once its up and running again... no more lost mail.

Monthly costs for this
  • Secondary DNS: 5 for 100 domains.
  • Fallback MX: 5 for 100 domains.

Besides this, we continue to offer our completly free and public DNS service with:
  • Realtime DNS zone administration
  • URL redirects
  • Frame forwards
  • Email forwards

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* Our servers are located at the EasyNet datacenter at Schiphol-Rijk, Holland.
* Payments are accepted by bank and/or PayPal.