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    Hello Everyone!

    Currently I am working on a new page for WebDivisor which will totaly expand its web hosting packages offered to the public. I am in the process of creating those packages and their specifications. But while I am doing all of that, it helps to get some feedback from people like you to help improvise the whole process....

    Please visit the following url, and any sub pages of the same direcotry it might include. Please help me by providing me with suggestions/feedback, and anything else that is missing that should be added. All/any good/bad feedback are all appreciated...

    Thank You

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    I actually like the site alot.. Only prob I see is it is kind of slow to load.. I dont know if that is because of the server or just heavy graphics.. anyway nice work and I suggest posting in the hosting reviews forum as you will prob get better results there..

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    Yeah, the page definitely loads slow. While I am writing this, the page still hasn't displayed yet. The blue and orange navigations above are the first to load. I really like the blue design... wow, it is spectacular. Everything looks really professional. The text looks wonderful... what font(s) are you using?

    Great site. ;o)
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    Thank You for the great comments guys, and I took your advice and posted the topic in the correct place. The font which I used is Tahoma 2pt...

    Hope one of the moderators will remove this post since it is in the correct category...

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    Looks better now. The layout is awesome and I like it alot. You've done a very good job for yourself.

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    I like it. Just the right amount of flash.
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    It loaded fairly decently for me (considering the animations).

    The only suggestion I'd make is to go ahead and make the text black instead of the grey. To some extent, it seems like it doesn't stand out from the blue enough, which might make it hard to read for some people.

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