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    Talking Fully Managed Servers @Softlayer - Excellent Deals!

    Looking to host your server in an excellent datacenter but not quite sure you can or wish to fully manage it yourself? Then sit back and let PerformanceHosting completely manage your server for you. We provide you with the quality servers & network @ Softlayer in Dallas, Texas.

    You pick the server, we manage it for you!

    Here's how it works:
    - Choose any server package you want from Softlayer's website and tell us which one it is;
    - We send you a signup link to register
    - We provide you top-notch managed services for that server for only $45/mo above their advertised prices!

    This excellent offer is only available through WHT, and is not listed on our website!

    Your server will be fully Managed for you:
    - Server/Software Support/Configuration/Installation = We will gladly assist you in installing/configuring any software you need or we can do it for you if you request! Even if you need help MOVING your site from another server.
    - Security Patches/Updates = We will keep your server up to date with all necessary security updates for your O/S to keep your server secure!
    - Server Reboots = fast, and unlimited 24/7 reboots on your server at no additional charge
    - Daily Backups = We will make sure your data is secure! All your critical data is backed up daily
    - Server Recovery & O/S Reloads = In the unlikely event of hardware failure, we will quickly get your server back up within 2 hours or if the hard drive fails, we will re-install the O/S at no additional fee! O/S reloads are always FREE!
    - Server Monitoring = We will make sure your server is up and running all day and every day! We can monitor any services and software you request us to as well.
    - Server Configuration/Optimizing = If you need assistance with things such as: adding IP addresses, installing/troubleshooting software or O/S problems.

    If you ever just need support for any issue, our advanced & certified system administrators are available for NO ADDITIONAL COSTS (no hourly fees)! It's like hiring your own tech support company included!

    Why choose PerformanceHosting?

    For over 7 years PerformanceHosting has established a leadership position in webhosting services by providing Top-notch Experience, a Strategically located & Rock-solid Infrastructure, `Excellent` 24/7 Tech Support, and most importantly quality Customer Service.

    We believe acheiving our leadership position is upheld by our customer-oriented business model which enables our customers to be in complete control of their online presence. It is therefore, no surprise that we have one of the highest customer referrals and retention rates in the industry - consistently exceeding 90 percent!

    See what customers have to say about us ->

    Contact us with any questions! Email:

    [email protected]

    Instant messenger:
    AOL: [email protected]
    ICQ: 6979880
    MSN: [email protected]

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    NOTE: we can install virtually ANY linux or BSD OS you like ***

    Some Examples (Fully Managed):

     Single Processor Dual Core Pentium D 830 - 3.00GHz
     2 x 1MB CPU Cache
     1GB DDR2 RAM
     2000GB Bandwidth
     Unmetered Private Network Bandwidth
     5 IP Addresses
     **** Any OS you like (*BSD, *nix) or Win 2003
     1 x 250GB SATAII HDD
    $184/mo NO SETUP

     Single Processor Dual Core AMD Opteron 1216 – 2.4GHz
     2 x 1MB CPU Cache
     2GB DDR2 RAM
     2000GB Public Bandwidth
     Unmetered Private Network Bandwidth
     5 Public IP Addresses
     **** Any OS you like (*BSD, *nix) or Win 2003
     2 x 250GB SATAII HDD
    $224/mo NO SETUP

     Single Processor Quad Core Intel Xeon 5310 – 1.6GHz
     1 x 8MB CPU Cache
     2000GB Public Bandwidth
     Unmetered Private Network Bandwidth
     5 Public IP Addresses
     **** Any OS you like (*BSD, *nix) or Win 2003
     1 x 250GB SATAII HDD
    $244/mo NO SETUP

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