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    100GB PIII Dedicated server Win2K w/.NET or Unix OS

    PIII 450Mhz, 128MB ram, 4.5gig HD, web control panel (Plesk), latest FreeBSD OS. 5 Ip addresses included. Additional IPs available at $2/ip. 40gig 7200RPM upgrade $10/month. $100/month with $100 setup. Month by month commitment

    Windows 2K SP3 with .NET instead of FreeBSD $210/month & $200/setup includes 40 gig hd upgrade and 256MB ram.

    BGP connection using UUNET, Global Crossing and Verio bandwidth. Burstable connection. $10 for 10gigs extra bandwidth.

    I have only two of these available currently. Most servers to come on special later this month. Contact me anyway you like

    ICQ: 78842907
    Phone: 888-301-7206
    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: thcjeep

    Ben Wilcox
    Intelliweb, Inc

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    Only one left!

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