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    Free webdesign + Hosting

    Giving you a free website and internet hosting

    We have worked and continue to work on many clients and have Tesco, Nike and Facebook our books, including O2 and LogicaCMG.

    We are offering free website design providing you choose to host with us- free webdesign in exchange for paid hosting - no contracts! Cpanel ready!

    Starting at 7.50 a month
    - 24/7 Support
    - MSN/In house chatting system
    - Forums
    - MySQL/PHP5/CGI/Perl/SSH/Shell access!
    - Search Engine Ready
    - GMail API Ready
    - Adsense Ready
    - Complete website designed
    - Company logo and documents
    - 5 Page website, images content + non spam contact form

    * Suitable for personal websites and blogs
    * PHP Enabled
    * Traffic: 15GB
    * Disk space: 1GB
    * Google Mail Server
    * Webmail Access
    * Anti-spam / virus
    * Scripting Enabled

    * The Google Mail server is a Gmail API with our server, so you could have for example, [email protected] and use to login and it would be all Gmail using Google as a back end and our private dedicated mail servers

    Get your company/business on the web - be it brick layer, plumber or caterer - we will design your website completely free. And provide you with full archive files - Zip, Photoshop PSDs and Flash flas and give you full (c)Copyright of your business. We design, host and enhance our services for all our clients

    Up to 10 free domains -

    [email protected] or [email protected]

    You can use our contact form and we will arrange a call back or reply. Please quote WHM or mention the advertisement from the forums.
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    You say you worked with some large companies--what work?


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    A member of our team worked with LogicaCMG to develop a Resourcing tool to monitor staff that were unassigned to projects. Data migration was carried out to upload into the Oracle database and several bugs were fixed for this Intranet application.

    CE Electric
    A member of our team worked with CE-Electric to add an online self-assessment tool to the company's Intranet. This tool consisted of 50 multiple-choice questions and incorporated security to prevent cheating. The tool included an admin section containing the number of completed users, the average score and various statistics for each question. The project was completed to a high-level of satisfaction from the client.

    British Gas
    A member of our team worked on a project for British Gas to improve the functionality of a PDA web application. Security was improved and the ability to syncrosine the application over Bluetooth was added.

    A member of our team worked on a project for RAC, converting their current paper-based sales system to a PDA application to capture sales data. The application was designed to synchronise with a secure central server. The project was rolled-out successfully and is currently being used by dozens of sales staff across the country.

    O2 Shop
    A member of our team worked for O2 to carry out enhancements to the O2 Web shop. This involved modifying and adding code to the website, and updating the database with the latest tariffs.
    This has been taken directly from our site. We have only started to work on an FAQ page and decided to make a public section for this.

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