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    One powerful server or two semi-powerful servers?


    I'm currently serving 700,000 page impression per day, most of them database intensive, running on a 4gig single-processor quadcore xeon 2.4ghz....

    Mysql load is usually above %30 and sometimes gets to %70

    I need to upgrade since the number of hits are increasing, I am confused, shall I get a new powerful server or get another server like the one I have, and use one for MySQL and the other for Apache+mail

    The advantage of getting two servers would be getting 2 extra TB of bandwidth (total 4 TB)... while if I get one server I'll only be having 2 TB and I'll have to pay an extra $100 for every TB.... I currently consume 2.3 TB.

    What do you guys think?

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    I would go with two servers. Seems that eventually you will run up bandwidth expenses. I'd also say it's "possibly" best if you have a powerful database server and a semi-powerful one for web/mail.

    Good luck

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    I would upgrade to a more powerful server.

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    What are the specs on the servers your looking at? Ideally 2 servers are better, but not if the specs are complete garbage.
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    I would get two similar spec servers and share the load between them, this way your load on each should be reduced.

    You could talk to your provider, ask them which is the best option and I'm sure they will give you good advice!

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    As was mentioned, get a more powerful database server and keep the current box for the web application. Make sure you have GigE running(preferably bonded) between the boxes.

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    I would consider setting them up identically, but using one for apache and the other for MYSQL. However, have both capable of running both apps, so that if one to fail, you would already be half way to having the other setup to carry the load... Elite Tier 1 Web Hosting and Managed Services
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    Definitely 2 servers, not one.
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