I am ready to work on as a Remote admin. as I have been working with a couple of DCs as a Remote admin.
I am well aware with DC strategies , abuse policies , AUPs and all technical related skills.

I will be willing to provide 24x7x365 Live Technical Support , as its an essential part of webhosting business.

I have completed following certification.

RHCE : Red Hat Certified Engineer
MCES 2003 : Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCSD.NET : Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .Net

Linux Platform

Apache Web server
FTP services
Mails Services
Mysql Database Server
Other System related service management like user account.
Implementing Server security.
Practical hands on Live Redhat Linux Web Server
Installing server software's.
Restoring Crashed Servers.

Installing and upgrading system software

1. Server Administration: To manage servers' based on Windows
2000/2003 & Linux based servers.
2. Installations on remote Windows & Linux servers. For e.g.: PHP,
Control Panels, etc.
3. Maintaining websites located on the servers both dedicated as well as shared.
4. Troubleshooting website & server related issues.
5. Troubleshooting SQL server problems & Front Page issues.


1. Managing websites on the servers.
2. Trouble shooting problems related to FTP, DSN, DNS, Cold Fusion
Administration, Mail servers, Restarting & configuring web services
such as http, ftp, etc..
3. Well versed with Windows & Linux servers.
4. Remote Installations on Linux/Windows Servers'.
5. Correcting Configuration files.
6. Tuning up Apache Web Server, MySQL and IIS .
7. Trouble shooting scripting issues.
8. Server Monitoring and load balancing.
9. Hacking Detection.
10. Handling different Web Hosting Control Panels.
11. Server Disk Space Management.
12. Memory Management.
13. Installing O.S.
14. Installing Control Panel, Control Panel Utilities
15. Server Security maintenance.
16. Designing the firewall for the servers.
17. Maintaining the backups of the data on server.
18. Server related issue regarding cgi, perl, php etc.
19. Upgrading and installing utilities on server.
20. Upgrading Plesk Control Panel, Cpanel
21. Upgrading and installing Stats Software Utilities like Awstats,
Analog, Webalizer, Urchin etc.

Operating Systems
Linux (experience with Redhat 7.* - 9.* , Fedora, Centos,SuSe,
Gentoo), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Win XP/2000/NT,Xn .

Installations :
Apache 2, APC cache, APF, BFD, bwm-ng, Cacti, Clamav, Cast Control,
Dual PHP compilation (PHP4 +PHP5), eAccelerator, FFMPEG, FFMPEG with
PHP, Fantastico, Flash media server, GeoIP, Imagemagick, Installing
iptables, Integration of the Kayako with Modern bill, iftop, JSON,
Kernel compilation and upgrade, LAME, Installing all lib files,
Midnight Commander, modernbill, mod_auth_mysql, mod_dev,
mod_dosevasive, mod_ fcgi, mod_headers, mod_proxy, mod_python,
mod_bandwidth, mod_gzip, MRTG, NETPBM, PERL, PECL mailparse ,
RoundCube, Ruby on Rails, rrdtool , RV skin antispam installation, RV
skin installation, RV Tryout installation, Sablotron with PHP,
SourceGuardian, Subversion Installation, Tomcat Manually installation,
Site Builder installation (RHEL 4), SOX installation, Yum
installation, Yum on Centos, Zend Optimizer installation according to
php version, etc

Web Servers
Apache 2.0/1.3, Jakarta Server, Java Web Server, IIS

Mail Servers
sendmail, qmail, exim, mail-enable.

Control Panels
Direct admin , CPanel/WHM, Plesk, HostAdmin, Ensim, BSD, Hsphere, Hosting Controler.

Server Audit/Security Tools
Nmap, rkhunter, chkrootkit, PGP, Self writen security script and many more..

Windows Platform

IIS5.0 and IIS6.0
FTP services
Mail services
Mysql, MsSQL Database Server.
Windows 2000, 2003 Servers
DNS servers
DHCP servers
Mail servers
File servers
VPN servers
Ipsec configurations
Windows security
Active directory configurations , installations
Remote and routing configuration

1) IIS installations , Configurations , Administration ( complete
windows web servers )
2) Optimizing IIS performance up to mark
3) Apache Installations , Configurations
4) MSSQL 2000 , MSSQL 2005 servers , Installations ,Configurations
5) Mysql on windows server
6) VPN set up , Remote and Routing access Configurations
7) ICS installations and configurations
8) Windows web servers installation ,configuration
9) Windows DNS servers installations, administrations ,configurations
10) Active directory Installations , Configurations ,Troubleshooting
11) DHCP servers , WINS servers
12) Windows Mail servers
13) Server Monitoring
14) Performance tunning
15) Windows Security , Firewalls , DDOS Protection
16) Setting IP Security policies

Mail clients worked with

a ) Mail enable
b) Smarter Mail
c) Merak Mail

12) Control Panels installation , configurations

a) Hosting Controller
b) Plesk
c) Helm

13) Pursuing for Exchange server
14) Third Party Softwares installations , configurations

Compete Windows Issues Troubleshooting.

Have been working with a Top 10 DC from last 3 yrs.Worked With Live
chat Support , Ticket Support .

Ticket Board used

1) Desk Pro
2) E kayako

Well aware with AUPs ( Acceptable User policies ) , Abuse Issues ,
Data center strategies and policies.

I am well aware with the Datacenter strategies , Acceptable User
policies, Abuse issues , Network configurations.
Response time to Chat and tickets.

If you have purchased any new servers and looking to start the
business, I am here to help you out from the
first step of the business that is Installations and Configurations of
the servers.

Payment options are flexable.Payment platform is PayPal,I am willing
to negotiate.

You can mail me : [email protected]
You can directly chat with me on IM:
Hotmail: [email protected]
Yahoo : [email protected]

I'm ready to work UK day-time hours or the time you will give.

Thank You,