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    Form Help

    Hoping a talented php coder can help..

    I use a basic php form to process orders using pgp. I wanted to know how I can have a copy of the completed order automatically emailed to the customer once an order is placed. Also, how would I **** the credit card number within the emailed customer copy (except the last four digits)?

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    How can I have the customer review the order form before final submission? In other words, customer fills out the form and clicks preview and has the option to review the form for mistakes before final submission.

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    Not sure about how to mask the cc # but you can use the mail function to send email to your customer

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    One way to let the customer review the submission is to place the form names in html as php variables. The format is as follows:

    For instance, if you have a field that is named "Name" you can use it as a variable to display back in html in your php script:

    <?php echo $Name ?>

    You can do this for all form fields. You can add a javascript back link if the user needs to modify the input.

    Hope this helps.

    There is another way to do this. There are plenty of good tutorials out there and some excellent books too.

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    I found a member to create a php form with these features.
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