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Thread: Freebsd?

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    I got a freebsd dedicated server i was wonder is there a way i can log into it from a windows computer...Some kind of gui application maybe?


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    If you have a GUI installed on the server such as KDE you can get a KVM over IP if your provider offers it, but it is usually expensive. I would suggest to start learning command line and just ssh into the box. If you need a book the Linux Pocket Guide is a good general reference guide.
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    WinSPC will give a GUI file browsing

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    what kind of interface? You didnt specifically say you need a gui, so why not just use SSH? RemoteKVM is also an option, which would put you at the console. Elite Tier 1 Web Hosting and Managed Services
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    install xfree and vncserver.

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    Any particular reason for requiring a GUI interface? If you need help accomplishing something from the command line, let us know. I'm sure there's someone on these forums who can help out
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    I would suggest using a program like Putty to access your web hosting box. Most operations via the command line are fairly easy with FreeBSD especially major stuff like compiling a new kernel etc. I personally would avoid having a gui on a web hosting box.

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