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    Ventures Online sounds great but...

    Im my search for a new hoster, Ventures Online sounds great. I'm thinking of sign up with them mainly because recommend it and their support seems great. They have a support forum, it's important for me. Virtual Hosting Package V350 sounds great for me. Everything is great but something is strange for me. Ventures Online's main site seems relatively slow. Somebody can explain that to me. I'm from Canada.

    In a search about VO in this forum, i found this post:

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    I know several folks with sites at Ventures Online and they are all quite fast. VO just added a new line with AT&T and since my Comcast cable goes straight onto AT&T's network it is super fast for me. I get ping times in the low 50ms range.

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    We've been colo'd at Ventures Online for several months now and have experienced no network speed or other major issues whatsoever. They run a solid network and quality hardware. As mentioned by Richard, they also just lit an AT&T OC-3 connection over the weekend, in addition to their dual GigE's.

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    I have several client sites at VO & must say they are (so far) the best host I've used and I've been through several :/

    I would recommend them.

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    I also think VO main site prob just gets alot of traffic.. I know a couple people there with sites and they say both support and uptime is great and worth the extra $$$.

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    I used Ventures Online for a while, I only left because I got a dedicated server and had no use for a virtual account. However when I was with VO, the network was always speedy, uptime was superb, technical support is simply the best. They are an excellent choice for low end to high end web hosting.
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    I have been with VenturseOnline for almost a year now, and I must say they are tops! And my site is speedy, and they just added another line and things have even sped up.

    VO now also offers VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and in a few days will offer bulk reseller plans, you have plenty of room to grow.

    Support at VO is amazing. Thats what I like best, I dont even use my site as a website (but as a central place to store my MS Word files), and speed and uptime is important, both things VO excels at.

    Good luck with whatever host you go with, and let us know what you decide

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    Speed? Who cares?
    When you are stuck in a traffic jam going nowhere, finally even 30 miles an hour seems good. and who cares if afterward you can go 80? You're still going to miss your appointment.
    I stuck with them for as long as I could, for all the above good reasons.
    All told, my experience with them just wasn't very good, and I have been with some really bad ones.
    Sure they post constant updates, (so did CW . . . for while) but they changed NOC's two times, and servers about 5 times in about a year and a half.
    Every time they did this, my clients dbs became corrupted, and I had to spend hours restoring their sites.
    The last time, they didn't give me the new IP numbers for my nameservers untill one week before the old ones became inactive, even though I told them (several times) that NameSecure took a couple of weeks to change them the last time. It turned out that NameSecure took over a month to change them, so my sites were down for three weeks. The main site was back up after a week though, (no thanks to VO) after I first researched, then went to a dns service and added two extra nameservers, with the A record pointing to the sites IP.
    I kept thinking once they get settled, I will actively promote my services, but just when I think it would be ok, they changed something, and I would have to let the dust settle once more.
    I won't sell something I won't buy. It makes me feel like a liar.
    Honestly when you have two sponsored (hosted for free) sites leave without so much as an explaination or "thanks, but no thanks", what does that tell you?
    Sorry if it seems like I am bashing them.
    I think the track record shows for itself. I just looked at my first invoice from them and it's dated Jan/2001. 2 noc moves, five server changes (2 back to back, then one an week later, I didn't bother to get all the names, only vaguely remember them being named after casinos and space missions) and oh, yeah, a couple of HD changes too. I understand "stuff" happens, but that makes 9 "things" happening in 18 months, which averages one every two months.
    Oh Oh, I bet their due right now!
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    Each and every major problem VO had they came out better and faster.

    I went thru all that ATST, and I host some large sites on my VO dedicated still keep my virtual account also. The problems were all explained and anticipated when posible - I really felt VO support cared more than I did sometimes.

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