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    Question What should i do for website + Video Streaming?


    Well i'm part of the team that works on a baseball team website of the Dominican Winter League, and 3 months ago it was moved from a Shared enviroment to a Linux VPS. The problem its that sometimes it gets really slow when we get more than 60 users online at the same time, by the way the site its based on Joomla a PHP CMS, also the site its very interactive like video and audio streaming, flash based content, forums, chat and others. Also more things will be added in the future, because the site its only a Beta for this season.

    Currently the site its running on a Linux VPS
    576 of RAM
    Dual Core AMD Opteron 275
    CentOS 4.2

    I would like to hear any recommendations for this and also for Streaming video content (Baseball Games) to around 500 users connecting from different parts of the world, using Flash Media Server or Windows Media Services.

    I attached a capture of the AwStats page just in case you want to see it.

    Rightnow when posting this we got
    CPU: 85%
    Load Average: 1.42, 1.51, 1.44

    I hope all the info its enough so you can give me recommendations for servers.
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    You have really high load averages. I would never allow my sites to get to .8 on a spike before finding out why they were using so much of the processors resources.

    My gut reaction is Joomla. I love Joomla, however, you need to make sure MySQL is optimized on your system, it is a resource hog on VPS. You have a lot of traffic and it might be worth having Joomla cache pages for you instead of building them dynamically every time someone loads a page. This will cut down on your CPU cycles a bit, but may not be enough.

    The second idea might be to take a look at how many cycles you have been alloted and request more processor power if possible. In the VE you are generally given a guaranteed allotment and with your traffic and the dynamic nature of it, it may be time to look at a dedicated box.

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