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    Question ?? Experience with SUPERB INTERNET ??

    Hi there!

    I am -so- very delighted to have found this forum! I hope you will please be able to help.

    Has anyone had any experience with a hosting company called Superb Internet? Their rating in WebHost Magazine at the time they were reviewed was a 94 -- as per the 9/28/2001 review.

    We are a small (2-person) web development shop -- actually, we're part-timers (please don't groan!) at this venture since our day jobs have us working as consultants on other folks' already-existing sites. Anyhow, we're trying to find a good, reliable host where for our development environment and where we can feel some peace of mind in hosting our clients.

    I would truly appreciate it if you have knowledge of this company and might share your thoughts. thanks!

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    I have never actually heard of them.. If might want to do a search on here and see if anything pops up. Also if your looking for shared or reseller hosting the special offers forum is a good place to start and if nothing catches your fancy you can always make a request in the webhosting request forum.. good luck

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    Thank you for your reply!

    I appreciate it!


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    I have heard that they are somewhat less than "superb"

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    I have an SPS Lite account with them. So far they have been pretty good. I did have a day of down time a few weeks ago when a drive went bad, but they do have a server status page that keeps you pretty well informed about what is going on. Response to supports tickets has been pretty good. Pre-sales support was very good.

    Hope that helps.

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    Exploring that option

    Yeah. I am exploring it too.
    I would say that pre-sales support is prompt, they have offices around the globe, so at any one moment, someone should be able to answer you.
    I have not purchase an account with them yet.

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