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    Building a Dual p3 1u

    Ok i was able to get two 1Ghz p3 processors and two 1gigabye pc133 ram chips from a friend for a really good price.

    So i need a 1u barebones system to put it all into...i found a few sites that have some stuff but its a bit pricey.

    Im looking for a 1u barebones with raid 0,1 support and the board must also support upto 4gigabytes of ram.

    The Tyan 2518GNR board supports this..anyone know where i can get it cheap and in a barebones config??

    Since ive never built a 1u server before does the case come with fans? or do i purchase those separately? where can i get low-profile cpu fans?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You might want a 2U or bigger for a dual system as a 1U might have some heating problems.
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    Try talking to Sunny at They do VAR for components and chassis, and he'll be able to advise you on the motherboard/heatsink/chassis issues that you're having.

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