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    Comfy Xeons @ Just $120.00/month

    Hello all,

    Our January Dual Xeon offerings continue into February. We have restocked on these high spec servers and are passing the savings directly on to the customer.

    We offer excellent hardware backed by 24x7 service and data center support. Our network is Level3 and Cogent.

    Remember, all our servers are on 100mbps connections on one of the worlds finest networks. All of our servers are housed in the superb facility of 611 Wilshire in Los Angeles, California. This facility is extremely secure and has full power redundancy.

    If you are looking for something we don't have listed here, email [email protected] and we will get you a quote as soon as possible.

    Extreme performance at an unbeatable price

    Dual Xeon 2.4gHz
    2GB RAM
    250GB Disk
    5 IP's
    1500GB Bandwidth
    100mbps port

    The ultimate server with the ultimate price tag

    Dual Xeon 2.8gHz
    4GB RAM
    250GB Disk
    5 IP's
    1500GB Bandwidth
    100mbps port

    One of our most powerful servers

    Quad Xeon 2.8gHz
    8GB RAM
    4 x 250GB Disk
    15 IP's
    2500GB Bandwidth
    1000mbps port

    We can install any linux distro available, just select an OS on signup and submit a ticket with the OS you would like. Windows server 2003 is available for $25.00/month

    Control Panels

    cPanel with WHM - $40/month
    RVSkins - $5/month
    Direct Admin - $20/month

    Test IP:

    Please Note
    -Servers are setup within 72 hours of the order being placed
    -Servers are unmanaged unless management is purchased

    Any questions? Email [email protected] We can arrange completely custom built servers for your specific needs. These servers can generally be built within 72 hours of ordering as well.

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    Just a new, we just recently moved data centers. Our new bandwidth providers are

    20 Gbps Direct Fiber – Level(3) (2x10GigE)
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Sprint
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – T-Systems
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Global Crossing
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – Tiscali
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – BTN/PCCW
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – VERIO
    2 Gbps Direct Fiber – XO Communications
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – SAVVIS
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – MCI/UUNET
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – Telia
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – LA-IIX Peering
    1 Gbps Direct Fiber – Any2 Exchange Peering

    Many clients have commented on the drastic increase in our network.

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