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    I am searching for hosting that supports ffmpeg

    I am searching for hosting that supports ffmpeg
    Could you answer these questions for me please ?
    1- Is ssh available ?
    2 - Is the Save Mode close ?
    3 - What is the percentage of processing for my website ?
    4 - How much is the Processors and Ram ?
    5 - If I have more than 4000 visitors per day, can the hosting stand this ?
    6 - How can I pay ?
    7 - What are the guarantees ?
    8 - How many e-mails can I send per hour ?
    9 - Can I make BackUp ( In or out ) at any time ? even the size is big ? or I have limit for that ?

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    I think that you'd better ask this quetsions to providers you keep in mind directly through live chat or helpdest on their web sites. I think case you only understand how it is possible at all and what can you get for certain budget. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    Hosts are not allowed to respond to your inquiry here, you will need to ask these questions of hosts directly (via email or live chat).

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    I will say this - if you want a host that provides *reliable* service for hosting things like YouTube clones, be prepared to pay for it. Don't be tricked by cheap alternatives - YouTube clone-supporting servers are not easy (or cheap) things to maintain.
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    Not all hosts allow ffmpeg so it can be a little tough to find, however when you do find one watch out for massive overselling as if your running a video heavy website it can get slow.
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    I suspect few shared hosts provide ffmpeg mainly because it can be a CPU hog. You should probably be looking more toward a VPS or dedicated server.

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    With ffmpeg you mean... what? Converting videos and that?

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