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Thread: Hostv anyone ?

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    Hostv anyone ?


    I am a newbie who is trying to get a VPS hosting. Heave RAM is one of my most important requirements. This is more of my testing/development server to which several folks need to connect and thus am going for a VPS.

    This offer: (I was not allowed to post a link, anyway here is the thread ID - /showthread.php?t=665652 ) by HostV "sounds" good, however seems like a new company (parent company is cirtex).

    Does anyone have any experience with Hostv or at least heard anything about them ?

    If you are suggesting alternatives, I need minimum 700mb ram and a good amount of burstable ram. Linux. Managed.

    Thanks for your help

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    save yourself,,, dont do it,, the biggest mistake i made was using them,, from day 1 nothing worked properly... constant invalid lisence file error on WHM,.. after1 month i still had at least 50 people from around the globe who could not find server,,sites lagging so badly takes 10 seconds for pages to load,, http and mysql constantly failing,, and when i post in member experiences on their website,, they move my post to private forum so newcomers cannot see the problems,, they tell me im the only 1 with this problem,, yet other people posted in my thread that they experience the same thing,, so the admin closed my thread so noone could post anymore,, the hiding the bad post and the closing of the thread shows the shadyness and deceit,,, and i also am not allowed to start a thread in their forum without moderator approval,, i lost 7 websites i had hosted because of the problems ,,customers moved on,, so if u want a vps that loads like a Tandy Computer on dial -up ,, and you want your sites to not be found,, then HostV is for you,,,,,,,,

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