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    Setting up a VPN server on a Windows (Web Edition) box


    I have a dedicated server running windows web edition. What is the easiest way to set up a VPN server on this machine so that I can log in to it from my home connection and route all my traffic through my server.

    I've found a few guides for setting this up on linux boxes, but not with windows.


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    Why do you want to route all your traffic through the server exactly? With Windows you can just Remote Desktop to the server if you're wanting to use it as a workstation, not too sure whether RRAS (VPN Server software bundled with some versions of 2k3 Server) comes with Web edition or not, don't think it does to be honest. Other than that get hold of some software like open vpn.
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    Not sure what's the easiest way but you can use OpenVPN(
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    Because I currently live in China and want to access various things that are blocked and not all the apps I use provide for entering proxy information.

    If someone has a method for routing traffic from only certain applications through a VPN then even better. I'm happy to use the local connection for 95% of things.

    I'd rather not use remote desktop, I want a single desktop environment.

    I came across openvpn, but it seems a bit complex and I've not found a simple tutorial.

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