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    E-mail current page script...HELP!

    Here's the situation. I have a form which people fill in their info, which is parsed (PHP) and filled into a php file template. Is there any way to have that page e-mailed via a button? It can't e-mail the address because that would just e-mail the address of the PHP template which would not include the info the people sumitted. I has to basically save the page as html and e-mail the html page to the address. Anyone know how to do this? Thanx.

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    Say your page is signup.htm

    set your form on signup.htm to go to complete_signup.php

    In complete_signup.php have something like this....


    "[email protected]",
    "New Order",

    Name $First_Name
    Surname $Surname
    Email $Email_Address
    Company $Company_Name
    Number $House_Flat_Number
    Street $Street
    City $Town_City
    County $County
    Country $Country
    Postcode $Post_Code
    Telephone $Telephone

    echo"Mail Sent";

    Each of the variables e.g $Telephone are the names of the text boxes on signup.htm. So you have to use the name as the variable on the 2nd page


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    That'll work??? Sweet! Thanx!
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