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Thread: Backup Problems

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    Question Backup Problems

    Hello Everyone!

    Today I tried to run a full back-up of my VPS with Plesk and I got this error:

    PHP Code:
    sz####@ip-72-###-115-## bin]$ ./pleskbackup -v all ftp://backup:[email protected]##.###.147/full/feb05_2008.bak 
    Runtime errorErrorPlesk config file 'psa.conf' is not found 
    I tried to search around for the error message on these forums and on Google and could not find anything.

    Might anyone have any suggestions? Please advise.

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    i'm not using plesk so i don't really know, but start with looking for the 'psa.conf' file first. do you able to find it? Half Dedicated Half Price
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    what version of plesk are you using..??
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