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Thread: MRTG Setup

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    MRTG Setup

    Greetings all,

    Quick history:
    We're a small HSP, ~500 domains. Currently we have 3 shared hosting servers (2 Plesk Unix based, 1 Plesk Windows based).

    Our current data center did not limit our bandwidth in any way so we never cared much about it. They are selling their business forcing a move.

    We're moving to a new data center that does monitor bandwidth. We signed up for a full rack and 4Mbps/mo.

    Now that we are being monitored, we want to start monitoring our servers so we understand our usage. We have a few dedicated server customers that I would like to monitor as well.

    My understanding is MRTG is the tool of choice.

    Seeking assistance to get MRTG setup for monitoring of our servers and generate reports for us to monitor our own and customer servers.

    Switch is Dell PowerConnect 5324. It is a managed switch with SNMP capabilities. Other equipment in our environment:

    -Cisco ASA 5510
    -(2) Shared hosting servers (One Linux CentOS and One Windows 2003 R2 (both running Plesk for shared hosting))
    -(3) Dedicated customer servers (2 Windows 2003, 1 Fedora)

    Thank you, please contact me if interested to discuss.

    [email protected] (Yahoo IM works well for communicating).

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    I have sent you a PM. Please check. Thanks.

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