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    * PHP Coder needed for new 'Online Game Arcade'

    Hello all PHP coders,

    Version 3 of my arcade will be launched later this year, and this time round I would like it to feature better high score systems than before. Apart from improved games, online applications and wierd gadgets, I would like to improve the scoring of the place and add little extras.

    Here is what sort of script I am looking for:

    PHP Scoring system using MySQL Databases.
    Scoring system involves:
    • Recieving score from game and adding it to the database in correct position, along with username. (top 50 scores)
    • Displaying top 50 scores in order.
    • Admin system to add game score boards to database and also edit score boards.
    • Using single database to store unlimited score boards for games. Edited in admin area.

    This game arcade will be attracting around 1,000 unique hits a day (estimate from last versions average) and it will be not making any money at all.

    I am only 14, and will not be making anything from this arcade as yet. Possibly advertising in the future but so far it looks like I wont be. And so my budget is very slim.

    If there is any kind, generous php coder that could knock this up for me and only want a link back :-) or partnership of the site then that would be ace. Or maybe I could create some online application or games for your site to attract more hits. (online web site maker... online platform game... online FTP program for your web host clients' cpanel?)
    Else please post your quotes on how much this script would cost me.

    Thankyou for your interest,

    Dave Smith

    EMAIL: [email protected]
    AIM: bigdave9100

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    If you can please specify the kind or technology of the game so that I can "Recieve score from game" and for the rest its all clear and you can get in 3 days maximum.. and about the cost you can send me a PM or Email with your budget and I promise that I wont make you down... Just try me...

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