I hope this is the right place to post my message.

I have a site hosted at Lunarpages, on their Mikula server. Over the weekend, the server packed up and support emailed us to say they are restoring our sites to a new hardware. I think the restore is complete. But when I load my home page (or any php page) my browser prompts me about application/x-httpd-php, and what I want to do with it. If I load a html file, that works. I guess their admin haven't set some configuration file correctly? Anyway, support has been helpful at the start, at least they responded when I initiated requests for info and update. But they have now not replied (in other words, ignored) my past two support ticket messages, and the same with message in their forum.

One line of enquiry is, well, out of interest really, is anyone else affected by Mikula downtime?

I know lunarpages have good ratings, so I am rather inclined to sign up another account at LP so I get hosted on a different piece of hardware. Mad, you think, but that probably works out quicker to "resolve" the problem then trying to get support to fix the current problem. Shared hosting you get that kind of benefits I suppose. My current package ends in July 2008, and I can let it run on to its end.

I actually have two identical sites on different hosts, so I can live with this one down for now. I actually have three domain names for the same thing. So I could get a third host on LP (or another host) and then make use of all my three domain names. You see I am not so desparate to fix this problem. But I am utterly annoyed by support that does not respond and give you the feeling that they hope you will just "get the message" and "go away".

Trying not to rant.. but I am at the receiving end, having parted my money and casted my faith on their acclaimed proven good service.

Any views anybody?