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    Any Resellers Who Use DotNetNuke Who Can Recommend A Host?

    I am having issues with my host and DNN where I must have an installation with every single user I make in Helm instead of a single installation to run everything.

    Not only will this cost a fortune in SQL2005 databases (1 per customer is excessive even if I charge them for this extra feature) but the modules/skins licenses I will be using won't allow me to use it on multiple installations which wouldn't be a problem with DNN because it allows me to host multiple domains under 1 account / 1 installation, but my host doesn't or at least I can't figure out how.

    I'm still trying to figure it out.

    Anyone with reseller/DNN experience with advice would be appreciated greatly.


    (NOTE: My host is if anyone is wondering)

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    If your host allows domain aliases/web site pointers, you could use the multi portal support built into DNN to create sub portals.

    DotNetNuke can support multiple web sites from a single install/sql database. Each sub-portal can have its own unique appearance, content and users. You should be able to share skins and modules from a single install.

    Check with your host, or look for a windows reseller host that can offer you multiple domain aliases/web site pointers.
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    You can do this if your host supports mail domain aliasing or pointers. ([email protected], [email protected])

    You can also accomplish this if your host's control panel allows you to add mail domains (alone) without having to add a web site,
    I know DotNetPanel control panel supports this type of setup but not sure about helm.
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    You can ask your host to change the physical path of the domains which are used as sub-portals to point to the main DNN website. This will also help you in creating personalized emails for all the domains in case your host does not support mail domain aliasing. We do the same for many of our clients using DNN and you can ask the same to be done by your host.

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    This is something that your web host should take care of for you, have they been forthcoming with assistance?
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    Turns out you can run multiple DNN parent portals under one DNN installation with different domains but you would lose the personalized emails.

    So, from my understanding, if you want to do DNN Reselling you have to have one installation per domain per customer, if you want to keep personalized emails., for my budget, didn't work out for me in that aspect because it is 10 dollars a month PER SQL2005 databases.

    After some searching I found and under there multiple domain plans I get 1 SQL2005 databases PER domain which is a dream come true for me. I switched over and am making my website now.

    If someone is ever in the same dilemma or wants a good DNN Host check out 3Essentials!

    (I'll post a review here in a few months but so far they have gone above and beyond their duties and I am very impressed.)

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