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    RaQ and CentOS + BlueQuartz Resources

    For the many of you looking for information on CentOS+BlueQuartz, the modern OS for the Intel-based RaQ and Qube systems, these may be of interest:

    * BlueQuartz Forum - new, so not much content, but has a useful mirror of the BlueQuartz, CentOS, and other mailing lists;

    * Strongbolt - The forum of the purveyors of the Stongbolt installer for CentOS+BQ contains lots of useful information and friendly help;

    * Nuonce - Brian Smith (a longtime RaQ developer) runs a commercial Cobalt support operation, but also supplies free distros of CentOS+BQ for whitebox PCs, packages for BQ systems, and a useful forum to support them;

    * - the main site for BlueQuartz is a bit hard to use, but it has ways to join the mailing list, etc;

    * - this is the main CentOS 4 forum -- not RaQ-specific, but good info;

    There are other commercial vendors of packages and services for the Raq CentOS+BQ system, but these provide a substantial level of free and unbiased information for the community as a whole. P.s. - I am not compensated by or affiliated with any of these (except being a member of free forums).
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    Here is a useful thread (from the BlueQuartz mailing list) containing third-party commentary on CentOS+BQ for a production environment. Compare and contrast with this post.
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    Want a modern OS for your Raq? Try CentOS+BlueQuartz!
    Use the Strongbolt network installer.

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    Thanks for that.

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