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    Exclamation Looking for VPS with following stats...

    I really need to keep within budget, here's the stats of what i'm currently using, what I'm looking for, etc.

    -Ram: Currently using ~480mb, so 512mb at least (with burst, because some days it goes up to around 550mb) SEE NOTE BELOW
    -CPU: Currently using 420mhz, so 500-750mhz should be safe (although 420 was the daily average, but it could rise or fall sometimes)
    -HD: Currently using 1.3 gb, plan on putting up video in future though, so would like 20 gigs, but i can always get a cheap seperate plan so like 5-6 gigs.
    -Bandwidth: Currently: ~80gb, so with room to grow and in case of higher size content (video), 200gb should do good (250 would be better)
    -MySQL: 3 Databases, right now it shows i'm using about 0.5% of their MySQL (Using PowerEdge 2950 Dell series Servers), so what that equates to i have no clue.
    -Email Accounts: I think 2 would be fine, i only use one or two.
    -Must be FTP (duh)
    -I don't need Cpanel, but just a way to FTP, phpMyAdmin to manage the SQL databases, and a stat counter so i know what my bandwidth, HD, etc, whichever is easier.
    -Spam filter is a plus, but not always necessary, i have a good spam blocker on my end.

    NOTE: I'm not to knowledgeable of the effects of using up more RAM that you are alloted, i wouldn't mind the website slowing down if it means keeping costs low by having lower amount of RAM given. Is that how it works, or is it more "If you go over, it has to take it from somewhere and we'll bill you"?

    Alright, that's those are the stats. Right now i pay $10 a month, i can't afford a lot, i want to keep it in the 20$ range if possible, it's a large comic website, has a prayer board and active forum (the RAM issue), a lot of ppl are on there but i don't have the funds yet to pay higher end prices (still in college).

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    You don't need to specify how many Databases you need in a VPS, you can install as many or as little Databases, Email Accounts, Spam Filters etc as you want.

    As for $20, you might struggle to find 512MB RAM and 20GB HD on a decent provider with that budget.

    Do you have a preference with a Control Panel?

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    512MB RAM guaranteed for $20? Not gonna happen, but have a look in
    the VPS offers section on WHT

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