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    Dreamhost, what a nightmare! Any other custom panels ?

    I just did registered an account with dreamhost, which has been nothing but a nightmare. Quick story we registered on staturday the 26th of january and basically after 3 support tickets [while the 3rd one is escalated since more than 24 hours] we are still not activated and still pending despite the professional reaction from Samuel at dreamhost support.

    Well so basically we would like to know what are the hosts that have a custom control panel? I know the one of dreamhost is really powerfull and you can do ... basically everything you want with it. Those I already know are:

    - (derived from cPanel which I definetly don't like because of the file structure)
    - (?)

    Any others? (we currently have a 10-15$ budget).

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    Hmm... I think precision effect has a custom control panel as well... not that sure..
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    I do believe has a custom panel.

    Mediatemple is also custom. Precision effect isn't really custom as I see it, its a heavily skinned and slightly modified version of directadmin.

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    well a control panel which is not one of the "brandable" panels. A home made one. The one of dreamhost gives a lot of control, just for instance you can decide where exactly you want you domain to be. So it can ben in ~/ or ~/domains/<domain> or anywhere you'd like it to be. Gives also a total control on the mail files.

    Basically the base word is "control".

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    If you like the Dreamhost control panel, why not just work out the issues with sales? If you're outside of the US, you've probably tripped a few flags that require manual verification.

    Out of the panels I've tried, I like theirs & H-sphere the most.

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    Mike, 3 support ticket to resolve this issue over one week, don't you think it is quite unacceptable? I mean, I have a project to start and I need to host the presentation page as soon as possible as some visibility will start soon with the company.

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    Renard: maybe try giving them a call? It could be something that you have done has caused them to investigate the account.

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    Quite hard, they don't have any phone number publicly indicated.

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    Godaddy has a custom control panel as well. What are your needs, space, bandwidth etc?
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    AFAIK WebFaction is the only control panel that makes it easy to mix and match multiple applications on a domain, so part of your site could be served by Rails and other parts by WordPress for instance.
    If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend checking out their control panel demo, it's pretty impressive!

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    Site5 uses vdeck, not a custom panel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john8 View Post
    1&1: 1&1 Control Panel
    PowWeb: OPS
    G-10-bat: G-10-bat Command Console
    Site5 uses vdeck, not a custom panel.
    False, Site5 does not use vdeck.

    The original poster is correct--SiteAdmin/MultiAdmin are built on top of cPanel/WHM. It is highly customized, not simply a "skin."

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