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Thread: vDeck 3.0 Demo?

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    vDeck 3.0 Demo?

    I am searching for a demo of vDeck 3.0. Does anybody know where I can find this? has the worst site ever, just a few pages and some 404 errors...

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    i wish i could help but idk even know wat it is , is it a billing system or a hosting control panel , ill do some google search

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    ahh nevermind it looks nice , ill see if u can put up a demo, ok let me try installing this siuff first

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    First Google search found me demo tutorial for vDeck panel (I'm not sure that this is latest version) and Startlogic company which provides vDeck panel as a solution for hosting managing. Here they states that they were upgrading their panels to vDeck v.3 Login page for panel can be accessed here: -> VDECK section. But I could not log into it as no demo logins are provided. Try to contact with them. But from the first sight it looks not so good.... Hope it helps somehow..
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    By the way, demo tutorial can be found here to post the link..Unfortunately, only Spanish language.
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    StartLogic is just a reseller for Ipower Inc.


    Ipower offer reseller accounts, startlogic dont.. sites look very similar, packages are identical. So really you are buying from Ipower

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    Has vDeck 3.0 even been released yet?
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    yep it has been released, Ipower are still rolling it out though.

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    I can't believe I have been fooled like that - left iPower because of the worst customer service ever, got a little suspicious when I started having a similar experience with StartLogic and now, thanks to your post, realize it's one and the same company. They may be a reseller and have a different customer service force (but I doubt it) - I feel completely fooled, nonetheless. Have a feeling this transition to vDeck 3.0 will take months as oppose to 'couple of weeks' they are saying right now.

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