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    Lightbulb Any alternative to X-Cart "PRO" ?


    I'm searching for a while now for a shopping cart that has a seller feature, in other words a person can signup as a provider and list their products for sale, manage orders, etc.

    There are a few scripts I found, some are not supported anymore or quality is questionable, so the only one that is a good option is X-Cart "PRO" edition.

    The problem is that it costs $575.00 (without any add-ons!).

    Does anyone know an alternative to X-Cart Pro? Maybe there are some popular shopping carts that can handle this feature (sellers, providers) that I missed?

    Any help is appreciated!


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    you can try oscommerce based system? osCMax, CRE-Loaded and other
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    I don't mind trying a oscommerce based system. Or anything, just looking for an alternative.

    I'm checking out your suggestions osCMax, CRE-Loaded, I can't seem to find the feature that I was looking for: providers (sellers).

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    918 has multi vendor capabilities and INHO a much better system than X-cart.

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    No No No No No.

    There. So many people out there who boast of knowing the eCommerce world & Providing "Solutions" but it's really just a business guy relying on open source programmers... *sigh* CS-Cart is a rip on other corporate maintained software but it's none the less more user friendly than X-Cart, and Cheaper. Security takes a dump in a lot of areas and there are known hacks for it so I would definitely hire a security analyst if you use it. I have many customers currently using CS-Cart on our network, and their support is good and up in coming and cheap.

    Good Luck.
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