Some people say that shopping malls are a waste of time etc. and I have heard that others have had some luck with them .
I have one and may try and advertise/promote it.

As the website I have presently have a Travel website I don't know/think that an advertisement of that type would look that good on it - I could be wrong, though - I feel that it may do more harm than good. The main reason that I think this is because most people that visit my website may be turned off by other types of advertisement not related to Victoria www.victoria-bc-canada-guide.com .

I may be doing another type of website in the future - I wonder if advertisements like shopping malls may be better suited to it - it will possibly be a computer or photography website.

If you know of any other places that I could put a shopping mall or any other kind of advertisement please let me know.

Please let me know your opinion on this.

Thank you_____Craig _____ http://www.victoria-bc-canada-guide.com .