Location: FastServ East (Equinix IBX in Ashburn, VA)
- Cages alongside Google, Youtube, IBM, Akamai, ect.
- One of the most advanced datacenters in the world


Network: 100% Cisco, 25 Gbps capacity
- NO SHARED BANDWIDTH (you can use all your commitment 24/7)
- 100% gigabit network - All servers receive gigabit network connections

Hardware: Supermicro 1U, rack mounted
- No desktop clones, breadracks, reused, or inferior hardware
- No recycled hardware from previous customers
- Free, fully automated network based OS reloads
- Free KVM over IP for all customers

Support: 24/7, telephone and ticket
- We actually answer the phone 24/7

Speed test (ashburn): http://lin1.ash.fast-serv.com/
Speed test (los angeles): http://lin1.lax.fast-serv.com/

For any questions regarding these offers or for ordering, please email [email protected] or call 619-819-8252 x201.

Current offers:
Xeon E5130 2x2Ghz CPU
2Gb RAM expandable to 16Gb
2x250Gb Hardware based RAID 1 (3ware NCQ+caching)
Public and private 1 gigabit network connections
16 IP addresses (12 usable) w/private VLAN
Choice of Win2003 Std/Ent/R2, CentOS4/5, FC5/6, FreeBSD6.2
Fast, free network-based OS reloads and remote reboot port
KVMoIP access to your server
100% Uptime SLA*
24/7 telephone and ticket support
Free software/OS management/migration

* Dedicated BW Per-Gb
w/500Gb $190.00 Monthly FREE SETUP
w/1000Gb $250.00 Monthly FREE SETUP
w/1500Gb $290.00 Monthly FREE SETUP

* Unmetered (NON-SHARED/DEDICATED) bandwidth port
w/10 Mbps $250.00 Monthly FREE SETUP
w/20 Mbps $470.00 Monthly FREE SETUP
w/50 Mbps $680.00 Monthly FREE SETUP
w/100 Mbps $1100.00 Monthly FREE SETUP
Over 100Mbps = $12.00 per Mbps

*Dedicated (NON-SHARED) bandwidth port speeds are guaranteed to 100% utilization, 24/7
Example: 100Mbps unmetered port = 100 Mbps/sec guaranteed 24/7, ~30,000Gb per month max in or out per month.

*All prices reflect month to month terms.

*30 day cancellation notice required.

*100.00% Uptime SLA for network and power

*No adult, IRC, anonymous proxies, or free webhosting services allowed

Upgrade options:
(please read carefully before contacting us regarding pricing)

Webmin +$FREE
Cpanel + $35.00
Directadmin + $20.00
Windows 2003 Standard + $15.00/mo
Windows 2003 Enterprise + $25.00/mo
Gigabit network connection + $FREE
Extra RAM per Gb + $25.00/mo, or $125 one-time fee
Extra 500Gb Bandwidth + $50.00/mo
8 Core upgrade + $100/mo
4x250Gb RAID 10 upgrade + $50/mo
2x72Gb SAS or 2x500Gb SATA upgrade + $50/mo
4x72Gb SAS RAID 10 or 4x500Gb SATA RAID 10 upgrade + $100/mo
2x147Gb SAS upgrade + $75/mo
4x147Gb SAS upgrade + $100/mo
Remote backup (SSH/FTP/NFS/RSYNC): $2.00 per Gb/mo
Extra IPs FREE w/ARIN justification


FastServ specializes in medium to large scale streaming media distribution, geographic load balancing, NLBs or other types of managed clusters. Our network is built from the ground up for rock solid reliability and maximum per-thread throughput.

We do not employ "bandwidth sharing" which can reduce your available bandwidth, cause stream buffering, timeouts and packet loss. Your bandwidth is 100% yours, all the time.

Our primary focus is the speed and reliability of our network and server hardware, combined with fanatic support of our customers unique needs. Not only do we proactively monitor all machines, hardware and OS combinations are exhaustively tested for 100% stability before being delivered to a client. Sleep easy with FastServ.

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