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    Urchin 2.X needed

    Anyone have the the old version of Urchin for unix where they servered ad's instead of limiting what you could see? A link for download would be great. Thanks

    Ben Wilcox

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    I know someones got this software...give it up please!!!

    ben @
    Intelliweb, Inc

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    There on urchin4 now might be hard to find.

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    Maybe you could contact Urchin themselves and see if they do have the legacy v2 available. They should know best. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    I know candid hosting uses it still, too bad they would never give it to me. I own copies of urchin 3 and 4, the sales rep said that urchin 2.x they wont give me a copy.


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