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    Exclamation Free hosting of large and high-bandwidth sites!

    If you have an existing site that gets a lot of traffic or pushes a lot of bandwidth and your costs are too high or your previous "unlimited" host kicked you off, I can host you for free. You need to add my advertising code to your pages, but it's of the highest quality from DoubleClick. No porn or warez, but most other content is allowed (must be English and mainly North American traffic). Minimum number of unique visitors per day of 3,000 or minimum number of page views per day of 10,000. I can hosts sites with a million page views a day easily and pushing 600GB/month+ is a non-issue.

    Perl, php, forums, mysql, etc. Everything you need on fast servers with tons of bandwidth available.



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    nice offer, if my site gets big, most likey will.. I'll have to contact you one day
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