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    * A mega plan to save energy

    I am surprised than an Indian govt organization would take such an initiative but it seems to be a very big step towards saving energy which every country should do. Tax the people more and force them to replace the incandescent bulbs with CFLs/LEDs

    KREDL to replace bulbs with CFLs in State

    The scheme could result in savings of 1,000 MW power

    50 million incandescent bulbs to be replaced by agency with low-cost CFLs

    Agency will collect only Rs. 15 per CFL from household

    Bangalore: In yet another mega energy conservation scheme, the Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) has decided to replace incandescent bulbs (ordinary lighting bulbs) in all the houses of Karnataka with energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) as part of the measures to fight power shortage.

    KREDL Managing Director B. Shivalingaiah told presspersons that nearly 50 million incandescent bulbs would be replaced under the above scheme. The KREDL was getting ready to invite global tenders to take up the replacement.

    Under this scheme, 50 million light bulbs of households would be bought by the implementing agency and be replaced with CFLs by collecting a nominal amount of Rs. 15 per CFL from households.

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    Tax the people more and force them to replace the incandescent bulbs with CFLs/LEDs
    How about giving some sort of incentive for using CFL or LED bulbs rather than shoving it down people's throats? I'm all for the environment and saving energy, but forcing people to change is invasive and wrong... even if it is only a light bulb.

    How long until I can't eat red meat because it's bad for me (and the methane it makes me produce is bad for the environment too)? Sheesh.

    Whatever the case, it's nice to know that some places care enough about the environment to take the initiatives themselves.

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