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    shoutcast every 2 hours is down

    i have a serious problems with my shoutcast accounts the last 2 months...i create in my ports 8002,8004,8006,8008,8010,8012 some shoutcast accounts via cast control...every 3-4 hours some of my accounts is crashing....i can't understand every 3 hours i am going to cast control panel to start again the shoutcast server of the account which which crashed....i don 't know what to do any hands up...

    i found these script which i can use via cron job to check if each shoutcast server is up


    dte=`date +%d%b%Y`
    cd /where/ever/you/run/stuff/

    ##-->> Check to see if sc_serv is running <<--##
    ps -ef|grep -v grep|grep sc_serv >sc_serv_ok

    if [ -s sc_serv_ok ]
    ##-->> Everything looks good, remove the file and exit <<--##
    rm -f sc_serv_ok
    exit 0

    ##-->> Log the error <<--##
    echo "Possible abend of sc_serv" > sc_serv_prob_log.$dte

    ##-->> Email the log <<--##
    mail -s "sc_trans" [email protected] <sc_serv_prob_log.$dte

    ##-->> Restart sc_serv <<--##
    cd /path/to/shoutcast/

    the problem is that i can't found the conf file for each account...where exactly CAST CONTROL creates it..i have the free version of cast sontrol 1.4...Also if there is someone else to give me an advice except of these to solve the problem please tell me

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    The problem is that you are using an older version of Cast-Control which was released back in 2005. If you upgrade to the later versions with CastQ these problems will NOT occur.
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