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    registering name server and A record (confused)

    Hi, i have a question regarding name server registration and i am abit confused.

    Until today I always thought that i can just go and point and A hosts to my personal dns server from my's dns service and use them's name servers.

    But today i've been trying to setup another domain ( with a different registar and decided to use and as name servers and setup A host names. when i try to add name servers and to i get error saying name servers not registered. i could only do it by going's current registrar and add name sevrer records and

    now, i dont want to know why this is but my question is if i register and at my registrar , would they resolve like a current A host record? do i need to add a records at my dns service for those name servers too? if they do resolve without adding A records, instead of usiong dns service why i dont just add more nameserver records on my registar and use them like a records?

    do i sound confused?

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    when you register a new domain, you need to set it's domain servers to the domain servers that your host is using.

    For example, if you were on's box you would point your nameservers to the ones they suggest (probably and

    EDIT: Also if you're doing this through Cpanel X3 theme you need to wait 24-48 hours till the domain propagates. Sorry I am having a hard time understand your exact question.
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    For any kind of reliable dns service you need to do both: register the nameservers at your registrar and create the A records at your nameservers.

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