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    crucial vs medialayer = oranges vs apples ?

    I'm considering Crucial or MediaLayer...

    so far the reviews and threads I read (during 3 intensive days) define them as similar.

    both of them are good for:
    digg proof
    kind of isolated-semidedicated whatever (better than shared but less than VPS)

    but the main difference (at my eyes) is:

    Crucial: $22/mo
    Disk Space 250 GB
    Bandwidth 2,500 GB

    MediaLayer: AppLayerDX $19.90 mo
    Disk Space 1 GB
    Bandwidth 20 GB

    I don't need as much as Cruical is offering, but sincerely 1Gb is way too few for a normal site (images DB...)

    Am I missing something?
    Am I comparing oranges vs apples?

    I thought they were the same thing...

    thanks for your thoughts

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    Considering how much Crucial is asking for how much they offer, I'd say you pretty much are comparing apples to oranges. If you want to go with MediaLayer, you will probably want to host your images somewhere else, as those will eat up a lot of bandwidth, and only keep your database on ML.

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    They are two different companies, owned by two different people, they are by far from the same thing.

    You mentioned you liked that they are both digg proof, so if your planning on getting a lot of traffic, I doubt Media Layers 20GB of bandwidth will support your needs.

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