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    Putting a search box

    While making my own web page in Dreamweaver (html), i want to put a search form or box in my web page can any body help me how to put it (including scriptings)

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    You need to have either let Google index your whole site and use their custom search solutions, or you need to stuff your site contents in a database and use full text search capabilities from the database platform you choose.

    In other words: it's not that easy. You use any kind of CMS?
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    if you are using cpanel, there is a built in script in cpanel which make search facility for your site.

    Second option is google.

    There is few information on this page:

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    I would reccomend reading this article:

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    do a search for "free script" then search "search box" for those sites. Lots results should come up. hope this helps.
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