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    * reccomendations please? any others besides fdcservers and ratshack

    I'm trying to find out what hosts can support the following, please list your reccomendations below. NO sales offers. I have posted a similar thread in another forum specifically for that. What i want to know here is imput from the customers.

    i have already considered rackshack and have other servers with them but their recent spikes in bandwith overage policy changes and lack of sufficient monitoring tools in their members section have caused me to look elsewhere. The list below may sound unreasonable but most of it is what rackshack provided. I know there has to be other companies out there that will accomodate these needs:

    1. at least 20 GB HD

    2. some type of control panel

    3. able to handle 3 domains for local Chicago area businesses (extra Ips may be needed)

    4. gauranteed unmetered or very high transfer bandwith for hosting 5 video (mpg) files per week

    5. No unnanounced bandwith overage fees

    6. email alert stating when approaching bandwith limit BEFORE it goes over

    7. Must have operational working bandwith monitor (left rackshack Ensim 600GB for this reason)

    8. CGI-bin, ROOT access, PHP4/MySQL for PHP bulletin board

    9. able to handle upwards of 30,000 visitors per day

    10. equal to or under $129/month

    11. No obligational contract

    12. Some type of phone contact

    13. prefer no set up fees but ok if not substantially high

    14. NO one-man operations, NO re-sellers, prefer registered Business contact

    currently considering

    any other takers?

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    If you want you can take a look at they have reasonable prices and if you do a search on the board they sound like good people.
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