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    How should I resell my extra space?

    Hi all,

    I'm a free lance designer and I've been sitting on some extra disk and bandwidth for several months now. I have about a dozen sites on my server and I want to sell off excess space.

    Would it make sense for me to resell my space in chunks?

    I was thinking of creating a 10 domain, 20 domain, and 50 domain reseller packs as plans. This would much easier for me to bill. However, in my poking around, I mostly see more pay as you go reseller plans.

    What do you all think is the best way to go about this?

    Also, what tools do you all use to track bandwidth your resellers use?


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    basic step is to see what your competiotor is offering, if he is offering 10,20 etc plans and then form your plans. your CP should have have an option to set,view and restrict how much bandwidth your cleints can have.
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    Question Resell Space

    Unless you need the money I would recommend that you do not resell. I take it that you host you clients on the same server? You know whom they are, with a new reseller selling on your server you won't have any idea who is on your server.

    If you do decide to resell, just break your disk space into 1 or 2 GB blocks. You did not mention how much bandwidth you have so it is hard to advise you.

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    Right now, I have about 15 Gig of storage available, and a total of 200 GB of bandwidth available, of which i'm using 5 gigs of storage and roughly 50 GB of transfer.

    I just figured if I have all this space I might as well make some extra money with it....

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    Yeah, go for it... resell the space... but don't resell it all. Keep some spare incase a few clients would like to upgrade or whatever.

    Hosting a free kind people for free for a little bit of advertising may also go down well. ie... a popular forum or site.

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    i definitely resell the space, no need to waste anything. also, keep the economy growth too, unused resource is never good for the economy. if you don't want much customer support, then just set up reseller package. offer them a reasonable price, just take a look around the board and you see lots of resellers' package in here. good luck.
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