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    Client cannot upload... sometimes

    We recently moved some accounts to another provider. After this switch, one of our clients contacted us saying that he could not upload files sometimes. He showed the error message, where it says "Uploads not allowed". I tried the exact same log in and was able to upload. He says this only occurs sometimes. I checked and made sure his domain was resolving to the correct IP. The servers use CPanel. ProFTPD is the FTP dameon. He uses a variety of FTP clients, so I do not think it is anything in the FTP client. I thought I would post here, and see if anyone has ever experienced this problem, because like I said I do not get this error message when I try, and I cannot sit here and try to upload files every minute of everyday waiting for that error message to show up.


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    You could write a small script to loop until it gets the error.

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    Have him send you a screen shot.
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