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    I just wanted to post my comments about

    This is based on my personal experience with them , I have servers with them for over 12-14 months now.

    Their network as well as support has been top notch , and off late i have been amazed to how fast they respond.

    I recently needed an upgrade to one of my machine (more ram), and i recieved email from them in about an hour that it has already been done,

    reboot requests are replied in few minutes,

    Only problems i have had with them were related to wrong billing which eventually got solved.

    Overall a very good experience , if you want to host important , mission critical sites its a good place, They offer decent bandwidth 65 gb a month which is enough for me,

    I have hardly seen network downtime over there, I am sure they also have things like floods and dos attacks on their network but they must be handling it well to ensure that servers are up all the time,

    I do not get paid to say this and am not associated with them,


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    Hi Manish,

    It's good to see someone bring up again. I haven't heard about them since their huge ad blitz a year or two ago (wow how time flies!). When I looked over what they were doing it looked like the rackshack revolution of that day. They dominated with their ad presence, sold the servers they bought in bulk like hotcakes, and then coasted, all the while enjoying the monthly recurring charges.

    I'm glad to see that they've kept up their end of the bargain.

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    A friend of mine has a dedicated server at and its been pretty stable.. rarely any network problems and the box currently has a uptime of 147 days. <- and no it didnt come with 50 day uptime like rackshack boxes do

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