I'm looking to take on some System Administration contracts for general day to day helping as well as securing systems. This is for myself personally rather than any company I own/represent.

Rates start from just $50/hour and some people will say, wow thats expensive but you are paying for someone with over a decade of experience with highlights including

* Experience of Linux since RedHat 6 (Not Fedora but RedHat) as well as one of the first people in the UK getting an RHCE. Using Linux since version 1.3.xx (now on 2.6.xx)

* Working for bluechip companies such as Compaq, Dec, SGI running supercomputers on a daily basis (100's of CPUs, Terabytes of RAM)

* Working with cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin for many years and know them inside and out

You might be able to get someone at 1/2 the price but they take twice as long. If you hire me you will get a professional, quick and complete job with someone who speaks fluent english. If you have something of interest please either PM myself or email [email protected] and I can give you MSN/AIM/Yahoo contact details