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Thread: Dual Hosting

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    Dual Hosting

    I am in need of hosting company that will allow me to host both a windows website and PHP site. We currently have two sites that are hosted with two seperate hosting companies. The site that has windows will be phased out in the next year as it is being switched over to php and mysql databse. But at this time I need to get the windows one moved to a new server for the time being and would like to have one that I can also just have the new site there under one account. we do have the .com .net and .org for the site and are useing the .org and .net for the new site and the .com is the old.

    any help would be great


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    What are your specs and budget?

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    we are useing this for the php site as of now
    Usage Disk Space
    820 MB of 100000 MB in use
    Transfer Volume
    3251 MB of 2500000 MB have been used
    and for the asp site
    disk space 1 gig not sure on the rest dont have full access

    budget is up in the air need to see what is out there


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    Seems all you need to do is get a decent windows host and possibly transition into *nix hosting after you have made the transition to full PHP/MySQL.

    I'd expect that if you use about 2gb disk space and around (estimate) 5gb bandwidth, you should be able to get a good host for under $20/month.

    For a good Windows company I'd suggest:

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