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    Data loss on dedicated servers???

    I'm looking at getting a dedicated server, I ahve managed servers before but I have always owned them and have been able to get to them in 10 mins time if needed. I'm going to be getting a dedicated server cause I can't swing building another one right now... But on to my question, Have any of you had any data loss with a dedicated server? How common is it is more like the question...?

    The server I'm thinking on getting will have the option to have two 250gb drives Raid 1... but software. I ahve neevr done a raid 1 setup before, never done a raid setup peroid. I heard that if in a raid 1 setup one drives starts creating bad files that will copy over to the other drive and makes the setup pointless... it this also true?


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    The RAID setups are meant to prevent data loss due to drive failure.

    However, they are not meant to prevent data loss from bad data. So if one of your drives goes bad, with a raid 1 mirror, you should be able to get the information of the mirrored disk.

    Now if you get some kind of data corruption or delete a data file on 1 drive, it will also occur on the 2nd drive.

    It is not a matter of if it occurs, it is a matter of can you take a chance. Regardless of your RAID setup, you should still keep backups.
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    RAID protects against mechanical hard drive failure; that's it.

    Corruption is a unique problem that is going to be an issue on RAID and non-RAID storage configurations alike. The only thing that will protect you against that is off-box backups with a reasonable amount of retention history. The hope is that you will maintain backups long enough that you can restore your data from before the corruption started occurring.

    Data loss is not a question of "if", it's a matter of "when". On a long enough timeline, 100% of people will experience some form of data corruption or loss.
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