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    * 2 proffesional logos going for sale!

    I have 2 logos each $40 dollars or $75 for both. Both can be customized for free (colours, wording etc). Upon purchase you will get the psd, and font files. Lastly payment MUST be through paypal.

    Reply with your contact information or pm me if your interested. Please dont email me.
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    I've seen that box (cube) graphic before. Someone on these forums designed might have been Jeff from Epixelmedia, or another designer, not quite sure.

    If you're not the designer of that graphic, then it is strictly stealing. If you are, then I apologize in advance.

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    lol. Actually there just photoshop cubes. Tutorials for them are everywhere.

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    Okay, sorry for the post (I just never like copiers, I hope you can understand that)!

    Good luck with your sale!

    Take care
    Kai Dan
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    Nichwatt sharply focused there on the pirates!
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    I believe you are a bunch of liars, thieves and gangsters
    Oh and if I am mistaken....I apologize in advance!


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